Alyssa Martin


Alyssa Martin, a passionate and experienced violin instructor with a Bachelor’s degree from Penn State University, has dedicated over six years to teaching stringed instruments to students of various ages. Specializing in the Suzuki method for younger learners and emphasizing the importance of strong fundamentals, Alyssa believes in the power of ear training and improvisation to enhance musicianship. With a performance background that spans nearly two decades, including collaborations with the Hershey Symphony, Penn State’s Philharmonic Orchestra, and diverse bands across genres, Alyssa brings a rich performance experience to her teaching. Her educational journey at Penn State, enriched by studies in adolescent development, child psychology, and music education, informs her holistic teaching approach. Alyssa tailors her lessons to individual learning styles, prioritizing fundamentals and ear training to foster versatility in improvisation across genres. She champions the memorization of music and the cultivation of creativity through engaging and community-involved projects, such as collaborations with local youth orchestras. Recognizing music’s potential to build confidence and skills transferable to all life areas, Alyssa advocates for parental involvement and positive reinforcement in the early stages of musical education, ensuring a rewarding and developmental journey for every student.

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