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About Charlie Sub & The Sound Dogs

Before the world was hit by the unforeseen challenges of the 2020 pandemic, Charlie Sub & The Sound Dogs had already cemented their place in the indie rock scene, thrilling audiences in basement rock clubs and bars across the city. The band’s journey began in January 2017, with a lineup featuring the dynamic talents of Charlie, Pat, Rich, Gandhi on drums, and occasionally complemented by a saxophonist, a lead guitarist, and the harmonious vocals of Genevieve. This formation was the culmination of a musical synergy that started to take shape in September 2016 within a group known as Bugs & Crumbs, a band that also included Charlie, Pat, Sid, and a drummer. It was a reunion of sorts for Charlie and Sid, whose musical camaraderie dated back to their school days and their time in the band Blue Suede from 1971 to 1974.

The transition from Bugs & Crumbs to Charlie Sub & The Sound Dogs marked a significant evolution in their musical journey. Rich was introduced to the mix, bringing a new dimension to the band’s sound as a keyboardist. This collaboration was initially forged as a volunteer project with the goal of showcasing original live music in the vibrant local rock scene. However, by December 2016, following Sid’s departure, the band was reborn as Charlie Sub & The Sound Dogs. This new chapter was dedicated to refining Charlie’s songs, drawing from his rich tapestry of life experiences to create a narrative-driven musical experience.

The production of the Bliss Street Musical in 2023 reignited the musical partnership between Charlie and Sid, leading to performances under both the Bugs & Crumbs and Sound Dogs banners. Throughout this period, The Sound Dogs focused on bringing the Bliss Street concept to life through a compelling set of live music and audio/video recordings, blending narrative depth with their indie rock roots.

Today, Charlie Sub & The Sound Dogs stand as a testament to the enduring power of indie rock, committed to producing original music that resonates with authenticity and emotion. The band’s story is a journey through time, friendship, and the transformative nature of music, rooted in a shared past and looking forward to a future filled with creative exploration and continued collaboration.

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