Sound Dogs

Charlie Sub

Singer, Guitarist

Pat Branch


Pat, a native New Yorker, has played in a variety of bands from hard rock to New Orleans jazz. Proficient in both bass and rhythm guitars; Pat is also an accomplished songwriter. Though greatly influenced by Motown bassist James Jamerson, Pat's playing often incorporates the feel of 80s and 90s power pop music for a unique sound. So ladies, swipe right to find out more.

Rich Brotman

Keyboard, Videographer

Rich, originally from South Jersey and Philly, caught the music bug at a young age. Starting with a 6th grade rock band; Rich transitioned in to a career editing music and marketing videos for Fortune 500 companies and a multitude of performers. Very active in animal welfare and adoption issues; a strange kharma brought Rich into the Sound Dog's kennel.

Genevieve Faivre

Background Vocals, Percussion

Genevieve starting performing at the age of 8 and has been studying music and voice ever since. Besides being a sought after studio musician; Genevieve brings her unique skills and vocal stylings to the sometimes unruly all male alpha dogs surrounding her. All melodic bark and no bite; our lone lady keeps everyone on a tight leash.

Gandhi Gonzalez


Raised by a musical family in the Dominican Republic; Gandhi went on to graduate from Boston's prestigious Berklee College. He currently teaches and is an in-demand studio and free lance drummer.

Pete Esser

Saxophone, Background Vocals

Pete, after studying music education in college; he moved to Brooklyn and began performing on sax, keyboards and vocally with local musicians. Currently working full time, attending law school and gigging with us; Pete survives on 60 minutes of nightly sleep. In dog terms; that is 7 hours though!

David Newman


David Newman is the newest addition to the Sound Dogs and boy, arent we all excited? David graduated in 2015 from SUNY Cortland with a BA in musical theater. Since then he has been struggling to be an artist just as his fore fathers struggled in the desert for 40 years. Other than rockin with his other dogs, David enjoys playing sports and video games as well. He has over 170 fortnite victories.